Understanding Your Automotive

Understanding Your Automotive

How to Make Your Car Battery Last Longer

Occasionally, batteries need to be replaced, but if you want your vehicle's battery to last as long as possible, there are multiple steps you can take. Try to extend battery life with these tips: 1. Don't Ignore Your Vehicle This seems almost counter-intuitive. If you use your vehicle less, your battery will last longer, right? Actually, that is wrong. Unfortunately,

Going Spare: The Ins And Outs Of Buying A Second-Hand Spare Wheel For Your Vehicle

The days when every new car, ute and van was sold with a spare wheel included are long since past, and more and more vehicle manufacturers are choosing to save weight (not to mention money) by supplying run-flat tyres and portable tyre repair kits with their vehicles rather that full-blown replacement wheels. These modern replacements for the traditional spare tyre wo

Too Hot To Handle: Diagnosing And Repairing 3 Common Causes Of Overheating Ute Gearboxes

The average ute takes a pretty heavy beating in the course of its duties, especially if it is frequently used off-road or for carrying heavy loads, and the various components that enable it to run smoothly are not immune to this punishment. A ute's gearbox and transmission system, while robust and constructed with ruggedness in mind, is no exception, and a variety of

Considerations of Starting a Chilled Goods Home Delivery Service

With chaotic lives and schedules, people are looking for any way they can realistically make their lives easier. One way to do that and to have more time to devote to family and friends is to consider services like food delivery. If you have been considering offering a chilled goods home delivery service in order to meet the convenience needs in your area, there are a

Why a Little Rust Could Be Bad News for Your Car Restoration Project

Buying an old classic car to restore can be one of the most exciting purchases you make. Even if the vehicle is far from perfect, picturing how it will look when all the restoration work is finished is all the encouragement most people need to take the plunge and invest. Whether you're undertaking your car restoration project for fun or profit, and whether you're doin