Understanding Your Automotive

How to Make Your Car Battery Last Longer

Occasionally, batteries need to be replaced, but if you want your vehicle's battery to last as long as possible, there are multiple steps you can take. Try to extend battery life with these tips:

1. Don't Ignore Your Vehicle

This seems almost counter-intuitive. If you use your vehicle less, your battery will last longer, right? Actually, that is wrong. Unfortunately, never driving your vehicle can slowly drain the battery over time.

Ideally, you should drive all your vehicles on a regular basis. If you have to put a vehicle in storage for an extended period of time, you may want to ask a mechanic to disconnect the battery for you.

2. Store Inside If Possible

If your battery is exposed to the elements, it can start to corrode. In some vehicles, the battery is under the rear seat or in the boot, and that helps to keep it protected, regardless of where you park your vehicle. However, if your battery is near the engine, it may be more exposed, and in those situations, you should try to park your car inside or at least cover the car with a tarp.

3. Consider Insulating the Battery

Extreme temperatures can also cause batteries to wear out prematurely. To protect against that threat, you may want to insulate the battery. There are special insulating blankets that you can buy for car batteries. If the battery is near the engine, make sure that you don't use anything flammable.

The insulator will help to keep the battery from overheating in the summer or getting too cold in the winter. Talk with a battery expert for tips on how to do this.

4. Turn Off the Lights

Whenever you get out of your car, remember to turn off the lights. Many vehicle lights are connected to the door. They automatically come on when you open the door, and they stay on for a bit after you get out of the door. If there is a switch to disable this, you may want to do that so you can save even more battery power.

5. Don't Charge Electronics

Just as you shouldn't run the lights unnecessarily, you shouldn't charge electronics on your car battery when the car isn't running. Even though charging a smartphone doesn't use that much power, it still takes power from your battery, and that can lower your battery's life expectancy.

To get more ideas, talk with a battery expert directly.