Understanding Your Automotive


Three Crucial Safety Guidelines for New Drivers

If you have finished driving school and have obtained a license, you should not attempt unconventional tricks on the road. Beginners are often excited about driving a vehicle for the first time without supervision. In some cases, the excitement can translate into oversight and carelessness, leading to major road accidents. Therefore, it is essential for you to keep yo

Top Signs Your Truck May Need Alignment

Performing wheel alignments on trucks is critical to ensure optimal safety on the road, extend the lifespan of tyres, minimise on fuel consumption, and maximise on overall vehicle performance. Poor wheel alignment, will therefore, have a detrimental effect on a truck and its performance. As a truck owner-operator, it is important for you to know when your fleet needs

Answering Some Commonly Asked Questions About Vehicle Registrations in NSW

Having a properly registered vehicle in New South Wales is very important, as driving a vehicle that is not properly registered can result in heavy fines for you, and may also result in having the vehicle impounded. To avoid these risks, note a few questions you might have about vehicle registrations in NSW, and then discuss any concerns you have about your vehicle in

Becoming a commercial driver - what you need to know

While many people drive for pleasure or just to get from A to B, those who particularly enjoy driving or are looking to upgrade their skills might want to consider becoming a commercial driver. Whether you want to move goods around a warehouse or trek across the country delivery supplies, there are plenty of opportunities to do what you enjoy and make money along the

How to Make Your Car Battery Last Longer

Occasionally, batteries need to be replaced, but if you want your vehicle's battery to last as long as possible, there are multiple steps you can take. Try to extend battery life with these tips: 1. Don't Ignore Your Vehicle This seems almost counter-intuitive. If you use your vehicle less, your battery will last longer, right? Actually, that is wrong. Unfortunately,