Understanding Your Automotive

How Your 4x4 Can Turn Night into Day

Have you bought one of those rugged 4x4's that simply scream out for adventure? These days, many people look past their off-road heritage and simply use them as an urban runaround, but in your case, you want a lot more. In fact, you intend to take full advantage of this type of vehicle and have many wilderness trips on your calendar, but in order to do so, you have to buy some additional components to help you achieve your goal. Why should you place auxiliary lighting at the top of the list and how should you set it all up?

Light Bars

When you buy this type of vehicle straight out of the showroom, it may not have any light bars upfront and you will need to add these first, from three different options.

You could achieve your objective by fitting individual light pods directly to the bumper or on the bonnet. Alternatively, you could fit a mid-length bar that is bolted directly to the chassis and can give the front end of the car some extra protection if you happen to run into an unfortunate kangaroo. However, some people want to go all the way and will fit a full-width structure, either to the roof or immediately next to the bumper. This latter option gives you the most flexibility and will allow you to fit a larger number of individual lamps.

Bulb Options

Next, you need to choose the bulbs themselves and much will depend on your objective when you hit the trails. If you want to start off at the low-end, you can bolt on a couple of halogen-based off-road lamps which are quite affordable but use a lot of energy. If you plan a lot more adventure, then you can fit an array of LED bulbs. These are durable and very compact, use a lot less energy and are typically more "subtle."

Those who want to go "all in" will get HID bulbs, which stands for high-energy discharge. These can provide a very sharp wash of light and are favoured by off-road racing enthusiasts or rally drivers.

Being Compliant

Before you fit any of these components to your vehicle, make sure that you ask your Jeep auto parts supplier to give you full instructions. Some jurisdictions have clear regulations that may restrict where you can fit each bulb and dictate how they are wired. You need to be sure that you are compliant and do not cause a hazard for other road users, while you make your way to your off-road adventure playground.